Substance Use Disorder (SUD) doesn’t just affect the individual; it effects whole communities. There’s a role for everyone to play in prevention and recovery. Find out what you can do today.

A Role For Everyone

Substance Use Disorder (SUD) is something that touches us all and most of us know someone who is affected. There is a role for families, churches, community members, elected officials, healthcare workers, schools, first responders, businesses and all the other threads that make up the fabric of our communities in northern NH.

The actions you choose to take can and will make a difference. AskPETRA was developed to be the connection to opportunities and resources for you to make a difference in your community today.

What could your role be?

  • Learn about how your words matter when talking about substance use
  • Educate yourself about minimizing risk; this involves thinking about addressing substance use in a different way
  • Attend a community educational event
  • Learn why substance use is a chronic disease and not just about making poor choices
  • Get involved. Join one of many community coalitions that are working to reduce substance use in our region
  • Talk to your children. Prevention efforts are most successful when supported by prevention messaging at home
  • Contact AskPETRA! We can share ideas and provide information to get you where you want to go.
  • Share AskPETRA with friends, co-workers, your congregation or your community and provide them with access to services and supports they might need

Are you looking for a way to make a difference in your community? Join a local coalition. Coalition groups are made up of community members, first responders, law enforcement, town officials, school staff and others working hard to address the overall health of the communities in which they serve.

Below is a list of local coalitions. For more information contact Greg Williams at

  • Colebrook Area: Community Management Team (CMT)/North Woods Action Committee (NWAC)
    • The CMT/NWAC Group is providing support, education, prevention strategies and intervention efforts to reduce Substance Use Disorder and promote recovery in the North Country.
  • Lancaster Area: The Crowalition
    • The CROWALITION is a group of people in the Lancaster/ Groveton area looking to reduce the impact of substance use by supporting efforts that create healthier and more connected communities.
  • Berlin Area: Stand Up Androscoggin Valley (SUAV)
    • The SUAV Group aims to prevent and reduce Substance Use Disorder among the youth population.
  • Littleton Area: Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs Group (ATOD)
    • Littleton ATOD is a group of community champions working to reduce the impact of Substance Use Disorder in individuals of all ages and improve the overall health of their community. For more information, contact Greg Williams:
  • Haverhill Area: Haverhill Area Substance Misuse Prevention Coalition (HASMPC)
    • HASMPC is made up of concerned citizens, representing twelve different sectors across the community, coming together to educate about and prevent future substance use in the Haverhill area communities. For more information, contact Mariah Coulstring:

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