For the Provider

AskPETRA is a free resource to help providers improve Substance Use Disorder (SUD) outcomes through immediate connection to resources, professional training, and support for patient treatment and recovery. Through this website and hotline, AskPETRA can help anyone find needed support, including resources for food, housing, daycare, transportation, health insurance, support groups, and more.

AskPETRA can help guide you.

If you’re interested in Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT), AskPETRA works with a partner organization that can break down the process, provide necessary training, and help with obstacles in incorporating MAT into your practice. AskPETRA can also help your patients, making recovery more attainable. AskPETRA also offers free recovery coaches to those seeking – or in – recovery.

Please check back often as resources will continue to be updated and added. If you do not find answers to what you’re looking for, please contact AskPETRA at: (603) 259-1729.