Our Programs

AskPETRA’s mission is to connect professionals, communities, and adults in Northern NH with the resources needed to understand, prevent, and treat Substance Use Disorder. The website AskPETRA.org, coupled with a call center hosted by dually trained Community Health Worker/Recovery Coaches offer assistance through connection to resources, education, and recovery support.

What can AskPETRA do for you?

AskPETRA’s WARM (Wellness And Recovery Model) program is aimed at reducing barriers and increasing access to treatment and recovery for adults in Northern NH. WARM Community Health Worker/Recovery Coaches (CHW/RCs) provide one-on-one, no-cost, non-clinical, client-driven services to improve outcomes for all North Country residents affected by Substance Use Disorder (SUD). We offer support and understanding to work together to connect you to the resources you need on your path through recovery.

WARM4Women (W4W) was developed to reduce the rate and impact of Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) through prevention, education, treatment, and recovery supports for women of child-bearing age who may or may not be pregnant or already have children and have a history of or are at risk for Substance Use Disorder (SUD).

W4W is a team of Community Health Worker/Recovery Coaches (CHW/RC) who provide free, non-judgmental, one-on-one supports to women before, during, and after pregnancy. W4W’s Community Health Worker/Recovery Coaches (CHW/RC) are trusted members of the North Country community and serve as personal guides and mentors for people with Substance Use Disorder (SUD) who are seeking recovery or are at risk of relapse. Supports can include providing connections to treatment, housing, transportation, healthcare, and other essential daily needs and are free and confidential.

North Country Recovers Together seeks to strengthen Substance Use Disorder (SUD) supports in Northern NH through the creation of a Greater Recovery Community. Recovery may begin on an individual level, but as individuals recover, communities recover, and as communities become stronger, individuals become stronger. Through specially designed activities NCRT will take the steps to re-envisioning ourselves as a part of a Greater Recovery Community and identifying areas of collaboration between our services and resources. Together we will transform local back roads to recovery into pathways for a stronger North Country.

No one is in this alone or unaffected by Substance Use Disorder (SUD). When we work together, the North Country recovers together!

Together, we can get there from here!

Stay tuned for more to come, in the meantime for information on how to be a part of this important initiative, contact Jen D’Agostino at #ob#wqntbfgvab#at#APUPAU.bet#ob#.