Peer Recovery

Peer-based recovery support is part of a network which addresses the long-term recovery of those with Substance Use Disorder (SUD). By connecting with peers who have shared lived experience, individuals are able to form unique relationships- outside of clinical treatment- which is one more added support to turn to. People who turn to peer-based support have lower relapse rates, greater housing stability, and greater satisfaction in their pathway to recovery (SAMHSA).

These services can come in a variety of ways. Checkout the information below to find what’s right for you or your loved one.

What is a Peer Recovery Coach?

A Peer Recovery Coach is an individual who is in active recovery and has been trained to connect with others seeking support for their own recovery process. Coaches provide many types of support including resources for daily needs, connections to other support services, and the emotional support needed to get through the day to day. Because of this unique relationship, the peer recovery coach and individual can work together to create a unique plan tailored to specific long-term recovery needs. Click here for more information on Peer Recovery Coaches.

Where do you find a Peer Recovery Coach?

You can find Peer Recovery Coaches in a variety of places including emergency departments; recovery centers; health centers; homeless shelters and criminal justice settings. The links below will connect you with coaches in the northern New Hampshire area. For more information, contact AskPETRA.

North Country Serenity Center – (603)444-1300
HOPE for NH Recovery – Manchester – (603)935-7524
Strength to Succeed – (603)466-5190

Need help with finding a peer recovery coach? Contact AskPETRA for more information.

Where can I find a group meeting?

For some, a regular group meeting setting is the support they need to help in their recovery. Two widely known group meetings are 12-step programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA). In these programs, members complete 12 steps on their path to recovery, often with a sponsor who has also been through the process. For a meeting near you, click on the links below.

*Please note that meeting dates and times can change- be sure to call the number listed to confirm.

Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings
Heroin Anonymous Meetings
Narcotics Anonymous Meetings
Alanon/ Alateen Meetings
Bridge Club (specifically focused on women and LGBTQIA+)

SMARTRecovery is another group meeting program with a 4-step approach to recovery. Individuals have the choice to attend meetings in person or virtually.

My Recovery
In the Rooms – an on-line recovery support network

Sober Grid – a free phone app to support those in recovery

Need help with finding a peer recovery coach? Contact AskPETRA for more information.