Assessment & Treatment of Co-occurring Personality Disorders: An Advanced Training For SUD Clinicians

This course is designed to specifically address how to diagnose and assess for the presence of Personality Disorders among the co-occurring patient population.  The course content is intended to advance the understanding of how to administer a diagnostic assessment for this population and how it drives treatment planning. Information on the biological and environmental influences will be discussed; as well as, how to utilize diagnostic guidelines and differential diagnosis and its implications on the treatment planning process.   As a result of this training participants will learn how to effectively determine a differential diagnosis for the current 10 personality disorders listed in the DSM-5; with emphasis on BPD, HPD, NPD and ASPD.  They will also learn how to assess and differentiate which symptoms of addiction are most often driven by personality pathology; learn which symptoms of addiction among this co-occurring population that are most associated with relapse; and learn how to apply co-occurring assessment information into effective treatment planning and relapse prevention goals. To Register

Event Details

October 26, 2020
9:30 am - 4:30 pm
NHADACA Members $65.00
NHADACA Members with NASW/NBCC $70.00
Non-members $75.00
Non-members with NASW/NBCC $80.00