Bias: Using Brain Science to Understand, Recognize and Counter It

Sponsor National Council for Behavioral Health

Many of our communities and organizations are seeking to understand how stigma and discrimination interacts within our system and personal behaviors, and distorts individual and public health outcomes. This has created a focus on Bias and Diversity and Inclusion trainings, however the research shows us that spotting unconscious bias in your own mind, in the moment, is almost impossible. So how do we change our biases, and our behaviors? Join us to explore and challenge implicit bias by working with the architecture of the brain, not against it.

This webinar will support you and your teams to:

  1. Understand the neuroscience behind cognitive bias and it’s impact on individuals and teams
  2. Recognize where organizational missteps happen when attempting to roll out cognitive bias mitigation
  3. Learn practical science-based approaches to hack your brain’s biased perceptions

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Event Details

December 2, 2020
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm