Brain Injury: The Silent Partner in Substance Use Disorder & Strategies To Help Those Impacted

Join members of the Brain Injury Association of New Hampshire’s Substance Use Disorder/Brain Injury & Mental Health Interagency Task Force for a presentation and Q&A session that will focus on: 

  • The connection between brain injury and Substance Use Disorder, and why those with a history of either SUD and/or brain injury are at a greater risk for addiction and brain injury down the road
  • The emerging problem of drug users who survive overdoses but sustain hypoxic or anoxic brain injuries
  • Identifying patient behaviors that are likely indicators of a brain injury
  • Strategies and recommendations for adapting SUD treatment for individuals with a suspected brain injury
  • Helpful tools and resources for those working or living with an individual who has sustained a brain injury

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Event Details

September 17, 2020
9:00 am - 11:00 am