Community Partner Training Series: Understanding Addiction & Recovery For Improved Engagement

This course will provide foundational understanding of the grueling process of recovery. Participants will learn about behaviors of addiction, why do people return to use under such severe circumstances, and stages of recovery, plus more. The mission of this course is to provide foundational, essential information for passionate child welfare workers to understand addiction as a disease, engagement with a parent who suffers from Substance Use Disorder, as well as the families who suffer with them, and improve outcomes for families. In this course you will also learn that improved outcomes can be achieved by all community partners learning about recovery from those who survived it. Participants can take 1 class for $35.00 or all 5 for $125.00.

First class September 18th 9AM-12PM: Understanding Behaviors of Addiction. REGISTER

Second class October 9th 9AM-12PM: Understanding Return To Use & Reuse Prevention. REGISTER

Third class October 23 9AM-12PM: The History Of Biases in Addiction. REGISTER

Fourth class November 6TH 9AM-12PM: Pathways of Recovery & Recovery Capitol REGISTER

Fifth class December 3rd 9AM-12PM: Motivational Interviewing Foundations. REGISTER

To REGISTER for all 5 classes for $125.00

Multi-day Event