Contingency Management Provider Training

Sponsor: UVM Center on Rural Addiction

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Use of cocaine and methamphetamine is rising across the country resulting in a wave of overdose deaths that is truly alarming. The ability to help people with issues around cocaine and stimulant use is hampered by the limited number of treatments available. For example, there is no medication available to treat these issues. However, there are behavioral treatments that are effective, including contingency management (CM), where people can earn incentives for healthy behavior change. In fact, looking across all the available treatment options, CM has been shown repeatedly to be the most effective. Our faculty at UVM CORA have worked to develop educational resources for treatment providers, policymakers, health departments, health services, and clinicians in how to use CM. We have developed a brief video to highlight: –Why providers should consider CM with their patients who struggle with substance use –The evidence that supports the use of CM –The most important steps and considerations for using CM and resources available through UVM CORA to help support these efforts.

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This is an open ended event