Model Policy Considerations for Peer Support Employers: Substance Use Recurrence

Sponsor: Rural Communities Opioid Response Program – Technical Assistance

Description: Data supporting the positive outcomes associated with peer support integration throughout the substance use disorder continuum of intervention and care has led nationally to systems integrating members of this relatively new workforce into their teams. Among most peer certifying authorities, sustained recovery from substance use disorder is one of the requirements to become a peer. Although substance use recurrence or “relapse” is not common among those in sustained recovery, it does happen. This webinar will introduce suggested considerations when attempting to draft model recurrence policy for peer support employers.

Learning Objectives:

• Define substance use disorder, recovery, substance use recurrence or “relapse,” and peer and why consensus on each definition is important.
• Identify model considerations for the development of peer substance use recurrence or “relapse” policy.
• Provide examples of substance use recurrence or “relapse” policies from organizations who employ peers.

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Event Details

April 26, 2022
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm