MOUD in Recovery Housing: An Exemplary Case Study of Implementing Holistic Care in Indiana

Sponsor: Providers Clinical Support System

Despite significant evidence of their effectiveness and efficacy, individuals across the country are still facing barriers to care associated with the stigma surrounding medications for opioid use disorder (MOUD). One recent peer-reviewed study found that of 360 facilities supporting individuals with opioid-related needs, one fourth were unwilling to serve individuals receiving MOUD (Kepple et al., 2019). For those seeking recovery housing, this unwillingness can mean choosing between their life-saving medications and a safe, supportive place to live.

Join us on July 8th from 1-2pm ET, for our PCSS-MOUD Webinar: MOUD in Recovery Housing: Approaches to Implementing Holistic Care, as we hear from Progress House in Indiana about their journey towards embracing access to evidence-based medication treatment for OUD in a recovery housing setting.

Learning Objectives:

-Define anti-medication stigma and describe how it impacts opportunities for recovery from OUD.

-Demonstrate the steps necessary to create successful MOUD recovery housing programs and to access pathways to funding these programs.

-Summarize the positive effects of MOUD within recovery housing programs and methods to increase community awareness of these effects.

Darrell Mitchell Founder of INARR, President of NARR, Vice President of Recovery Communities at Aspire Indiana Health, and Executive Director of Progress House.

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Event Details

July 8, 2024
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
no costs