Pop Culture Influences on Underage Drinking Webinar

The webinar provides a framework to analyze and assess various forms of advertising and the messages that could be received by pre-teens and teens.  We will also examine other media where messages about underage drinking could be delivered (music, TV, movies, & pop idols). The webinar provides a simple two-part approach: (1) What components of the ad or media could cause a teen to pay attention, and (2) what are the messages about drinking in the media that a young person could absorb once they are paying attention. This training would be useful for those interested in building their command of advertising techniques; or as training for your youth advocates as you attempt to build their media literacy and awareness of messaging techniques. The tools and approach of this training could be used to replicate a version of this presentation locally. To register

Event Details

September 15, 2020
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm