Strategies to Identify and Address Alcohol Impaired Practice in the Healthcare Setting

This training fulfills the DEA’s 8-hour training requirement for prescribers. Free continuing education credits.

Sponsor: Grayken Center for Addiction Training and Technical Assistance

It is estimated that up to 10-15% of healthcare workers will misuse substances at some point in their lifetime. In this training, participants will learn to identify signs and symptoms that may suggest alcohol-related impairment in the healthcare workplace. Effective, nonjudgmental, and empathetic communication strategies essential for addressing concerns of impairment will be discussed. This training will also review valuable resources available to support healthcare professionals with an alcohol use disorder. The goal of this training is to enhance workplace awareness of alcohol impaired practice and foster a culture of support and wellness among healthcare teams.

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Event Details

April 19, 2024
12:00 pm - 12:30 pm