The Fourth Wave of the U.S. Overdose Crisis: Disseminating Incentive-Based Interventions for Stimulant Use Disorder into Rural Community Settings

Sponsor: Center on Rural Addiction university of Vermont

Slides and recording available from a April 10, 2024 Community Rounds Workshop Series Session

Presented by Tyler Erath, PhD, of the Vermont Center on Behavior and Health at the University of Vermont


  • Define and describe contingency management (CM) as a treatment for
    stimulant use disorder
  • Describe current challenges to using CM and some efforts to overcome them
  • Explore CM components such as financing, protocol considerations, using
    technology-based CM apps, and ways to implement CM in rural areas
  • Discuss the role of certificate programs as training opportunities for health
    professionals including in rural areas
  • Review the current role of stimulants in drug-involved U.S. overdose deaths

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