The Other Epidemic: Opioids 2022

Sponsor: NH Alcohol & Drug Counselors Association


PRESENTATION: The opioid epidemic has seen significant change in the last decade with the overprescribing of prescription opioids, the transition of prescription opioid users to heroin and the infusion of fentanyl into the drug supply. These first three waves of the opioid epidemic were somewhat more predictable than what has occurred in this, the fourth wave of the opioid epidemic.  The combination of the potent opioids, fentanyl and para-fentanyl with stimulants, including cocaine and methamphetamine have led to nearly a 20% increase in cocaine related deaths and a 36% increase in psychostimulant, mainly methamphetamine overdose deaths from November 2020 to November 2021. In the same 12-month period ending November 2021, there were 106,854 drug overdose deaths reported in the United States, with synthetic opioids and heroin related overdoses accounting for more than 60% of that number. The forces behind the fourth wave of the opioid epidemic are multi-faceted, including the expansive distribution of fentanyl, and para-fentanyl, the increased purity, potency, and reduced cost of methamphetamine, ultimately leading to this needless loss of life.    

In addition to the increase in overdose deaths, the increased risk for HIV, and hepatitis B and C, especially in Persons Who Inject Drugs (PWID), and COVID-19 has challenged our healthcare system as never seen before.  This webinar will describe:

  • What are opioids & what do they do?
  • Where do opioids come from?
  • Why do we care?
  • Who is using them?
  • What is being done?

ABOUT THE PRESENTER: Albert L. Hasson received his MSW from the UCLA, and has worked in the field of addiction medicine as a researcher, treatment provider and trainer since 1977.  He began his career working as a research associate at the Sepulveda Veterans Administration Medical Center evaluating naltrexone for the treatment of opioid use disorders.  Mr. Hasson was the regional director for Community Health Projects opioid treatment centers (now Aegis Medical Systems) on the central coast of California from 1982-89.  Mr. Hasson participated in the development of the evidence-based Matrix Model, a cognitive behavioral intervention for the treatment of stimulant disorders, and established the Matrix Institute on Addictions, Los Angeles opioid treatment program in 1992 which serves individuals with co-occurring mental and physical health and substance use disorders.  Mr. Hasson served as the Chairman of the Board for the Matrix Institute from 1993 to 2005.  During his role as the Node Coordinator of the Pacific Region Node of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, Clinical Trials Network, Mr. Hasson provided oversight for the development and conduct of large, multi-site clinical trials evaluating medications and behavioral therapies for substance use disorders. He has served as a project director and trainer for the Pacific Southwest Addiction Technology Transfer Center at the UCLA Integrated Substance Abuse Programs, where he provided 60+ trainings annually over the last four years, on the topics of Motivational Interviewing, Contingency Management, Co-Occurring Disorders, the American Society of Addiction Medicine Criteria, Medications for Addiction Treatment, including training health care staff within the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.  Mr. Hasson recently retired from UCLA and is the Clinic Administrator for the New Life Clinic, Opioid Treatment Program located in Ukiah, California.  

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August 8, 2022
8:30 am - 11:45 am
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