The Seven Challenges – Brief Intervention

Sponsor: NH Alcohol and Drug Counselors Association

PRESENTATION: The Seven Challenges – Brief, commonly called “Brief Challenges” is a brief therapy intervention extracted from The Seven Challenges Program. Counselors who wish to be qualified to facilitate Brief Challenges sessions will read the Manual and attend 11 hours of training. This will prepare them to begin utilizing the Brief Challenges intervention with adolescents and young adults. As a result of attending this 11-hour training event, participants will:

  • Be able to identify how and when brief interventions can be beneficial for youth.
  • Understand and discuss the idea of a counselor as a “problem-solving partner.”
  • Explain how Brief Challenges model builds upon the evidence-based Seven Challenges program.
  • Describe the three functions of The Seven Challenges-Brief process.
  • Read and discuss the Brief Challenges material; demonstrate how to introduce and use the materials.
  • Develop a basic understanding of the clinical skills that go with each of the sessions, including demonstrating how to promote and facilitate self-understanding.
  • Be able to demonstrate the process of screening for external pressures for change and options for responding to the four possible responses by youth regarding behavior change.
  • Apply an understanding of the role of counseling skills (rapport building, validation, empathy, promotion of life mastery) and demonstrate how they are used in the facilitation of the Brief Challenges process.
  • Identify the connections between drug use behavior, life skill deficits, and underlying psychological, family, and social problems.
  • Identify and demonstrate how to generate “Either/Or Statements” reflecting needs met through drug use as well as “Alternative Statements” as means to replace drug use behaviors.
  • Describe ideas for utilizing Brief Challenges counseling in their own Agency’s unique counseling setting / level of care.

ABOUT THE PRESENTER:Mike Panico, M.S., LPC is a trainer with The Seven Challenges, LLC and also provides ongoing support and consultation with agencies implementing the Program. Mike has collaborated closely with the developer of The Seven Challenges for over twelve years and is also the lead trainer for The Seven Challenges – Brief (Brief Challenges.) In addition to his role with training in The Seven Challenges, LLC, Mike is also the Associate Clinical Director for Pathways of Arizona – an agency that provides the Program for both adolescents and adults. His previous experience includes clinical supervision of campus and community-based residential treatment programs as well as development and oversight of a substance abuse treatment residential and outpatient step-down program. Additionally, Mike has been a Cornell University professional level trainer in Therapeutic Crisis Intervention since 1996.

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Event Details

March 17, 2023
10:00 am - 4:30 pm
remote via Zoom
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