Understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Substance Use Disorder Webinar Materials

Self-paced recorded session

Sponsor: Rural Communities Opioid Response Program Technical Assistance

This workshop will explore the link between Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) of individuals with substance use concerns and its impact on their development. We will explore the experiences, perceptions, beliefs, and behaviors that may present challenges in development. We will discuss practical, trauma-informed, outcome-driven strategies that improve the outcomes.


  • The attendee will learn how to describe adverse childhood experiences; trauma and toxic stress affect biological, physiological, social, emotional, and brain development and the findings of the ACE study.
  • The attendee will learn how to describe adaptive response(s) to environmental circumstances and toxic stress that they may encounter.
  • The attendee will learn how to make modifications to their work to understand ACEs and the client’s adaptive response(s) to circumstances and toxic stress.
  • The attendee will develop and understand the importance of being aware of personal perceptions and beliefs that impact the client/provider dynamic does not add to the traumatic experience.

Presenters: Brandon Jones & Kelly King

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