Understanding the Intersection of Substance Use Disorder and Dental Hygiene

Understanding the mechanics of the brain and how Substance Use Disorder (SUD) happens can provide us with a better avenue for dealing with people who have his disease. This training will provide participants with an understanding of the science behind SUD, provide information about particular classes of drugs and how they affect the brain, and will examine family dynamics and how family members can be affected. In addition, community resources and opportunities for treatment will be explored.

Dental providers should be knowledgeable about the many ways that dental health can be affected by substance use. Because of the high incidence of dental issues, it is important to understand the disease concept and the many avenues for providing support and resources to clients that may be struggling with SUD.

Presented by the New Hampshire Alcohol & Drug Counselors Association. Register here.

Event Details

June 5, 2020
8:45 am - 12:00 pm