Using the Skills System for Emotional Regulation in Substance Use Recovery

Sponsor: NH Alcohol & Drug Abuse Counselors Association

PRESENTATION: Regulating emotions is a critical component of substance use recovery. The Skills System is a structured, goal-centered set of tools accessible to people with all learning styles. It is a simplified version of Dialectical Behavior Therapy. Many people in recovery have learning challenges or their brain is still recovering from a substance making learning complex information difficult. The skills also teach the basic tools of connection with oneself and others. The Skills System is friendly to people with support systems and has tools for them to learn the skills allowing for co-regulation.  

This training will teach participants:  

  • An overview of the nine skills and three system tools  
  • Review the teaching approach to support clients with different learning abilities  
  • Describe ways an individual’s support system can learn to co-regulate with them 

ABOUT THE PRESENTER: Dr. Michele Waldron owns a group practice, Sexual Health and Healing LLC. She is a Clinical Psychologist and licensed alcohol and drug counselor (MA). She is an AASECT certified sex therapist. She also has certifications in couples counseling and sex offender therapy. Her clinical practice has focused on supporting people with problem sexual behaviors and addictions for over a decade. She is passionate about helping people own their bodies and feel confident with their sexuality.  

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Event Details

October 3, 2023
9:00 am - 12:15 pm
Remote via Zoom
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