Virtual: Addiction & Recovery 101

Sponsor: NHADACA

PRESENTATION: We know addiction has taken a toll on families, and a strain on human service workers across the continuum. The mission of this course is to provide foundational, essential information for passionate human service workers working with those with addiction such as Law Enforcement, Emergency Services, Social Workers, Family Court Systems, EAPs, Human Resource Workers, Nurses, Physicians, Mental Health Clinicians, and of course family members and loved ones.

In this course, you will learn that improved outcomes can be achieved by all community partners through learning about recovery from those who survived it. This course will provide a foundational understanding of the grueling process of recovery. Participants will learn about behaviors of addiction, why do people return to use under such severe circumstances, and stages of recovery.


  1. Basic Understanding of Addiction as a Chronic Disease
  2. Identify Behaviors of Addiction and Behavior Change
  3. Histories of the Stories We Tell
  4. Define Return-to-use (relapse)
  5. Explain foundational recovery concepts:
    1. Harm Reduction
    2. Recovery Capital
    3. Pathways of Recovery

PRESENTER: Ginger Ross is the founder & CEO of NH Recovery Coach Academy & Choices Recovery Training. Ginger has worked in the peer recovery field since 2015 and is a grassroots pioneer in developing the movement in NH. She is recognized nationally for her passion, expertise, and leadership in the peer recovery coach profession. She has her BA in Psychology, holds the state CRSW credential and the national NCRPSS credential. Ginger’s passion is to educate community partners around SUD and recovery to improve social justice.

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Event Details

January 21, 2022
8:30 am - 4:00 pm
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