Working with Families Facing Addiction

Sponsor Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

When a loved one develops a substance use problem, family members tend to cope by adopting unhealthy behaviors such as keeping secrets or finding scapegoats. Everyone’s affected, and everyone needs help and support.

Join colleagues and clinicians to examine the most-effective telehealth and in-person resources for families struggling with addiction. Counselor Kate Roselle, MA, MBA, LPCC, presents this information-packed, one-hour webinar, sharing important insights and practical strategies to help you serve the individuals and families who turn to you for care.


  • Help families recognize the signs and symptoms of substance use disorders
  • Describe various family/relationship roles that emerge when addiction takes hold
  • Identify healthy communication and boundary-setting strategies for families
  • Distinguish key differences between in-person and virtual support for families

About the Presenter

Kate Roselle, MA, MBA, LPCC, Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation A licensed clinical counselor, Kate Roselle serves as the national outreach manager for Hazelden Betty Ford’s adolescent and young adult continuum of care.

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Event Details

January 13, 2021
12:30 pm - 1:30 pm