Xylazine and How it Harms People Who Use Drugs

Sponsor: Providers Clinical Support System

Target Audience: This activity was developed to meet the needs of physicians and all interprofessional healthcare providers.

Description: We will review what is known to date on Xylazine, a CNS depressant, which has been linked to an increasing number of overdose deaths in the US. This Roundtable will discuss its physiologic effects, and risk of xylazine harms including overdose and wounds along with suggested clinical best practices for providers and patients.

This talk discusses substance use disorder treatment in a post-COVID world.

Discussion is designed to promote interactivity through an informal “round table” conversation. Attendees will be given the opportunity to speak directly with the presenter to ask questions and discuss issues.

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Event Details

April 11, 2023
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm