Virtual: Contingency Management: An Essential Treatment Approach for Individuals with Stimulant Use Disorder

Sponsor: NH Alcohol & Drug Abuse Counselors Association PRESENTATION: Contingency management (CM) is a behavioral approach that has robust evidence of efficacy for the treatment of stimulant use disorder.  Research evidence will be presented to demonstrate the populations and settings where CM has been used.  There is some critically important considerations in successfully implementing CM.  These include rigorous protocols, fraud prevention “guardrails” and fully developed training and implementation plans to ensure fidelity to CM procedures. As… Read more »

The Other Epidemic: Opioids 2022

Sponsor: NH Alcohol & Drug Counselors Association virtual PRESENTATION: The opioid epidemic has seen significant change in the last decade with the overprescribing of prescription opioids, the transition of prescription opioid users to heroin and the infusion of fentanyl into the drug supply. These first three waves of the opioid epidemic were somewhat more predictable than what has occurred in this, the fourth wave of the opioid epidemic.  The combination of the potent opioids, fentanyl and… Read more »

Virtual: Stimulants 2022: Epidemiology, Effects on the Body & Brain, and Clinical Challenges

Sponsor: NHADACA PRESENTATION: Methamphetamine and cocaine use rates and overdose deaths are rapidly increasing in much of the US.  Use of these drugs produce severe damage to the body and the brain.  It is important for clinicians to be aware of how the unique effects of stimulants influence the treatment needs of people in treatment.    The presentation will review the clinical challenges presented by individuals who use stimulants and current protocols for addressing acute medical/psychiatric conditions…. Read more »

Being and Becoming a Rural MOUD Provider: Live Sessions (Evening)Sponsor: Rural Communities Opioid Response Program

RCORP-TA is offering live Zoom sessions specifically for rural providers who are prescribing or considering prescribing medications for opioid use disorder (MOUD) and would like to network and have informal discussions with their rural peers throughout the country. This truly is a “come as you are” opportunity; it is ok to come late or leave early. The sessions will serve as an informal space for rural providers to give and receive peer feedback, and share their questions, challenges… Read more »

Virtual: Understanding Trauma Informed Care: A Deeper Dive

Sponsor: NH Alcohol & Drug Counselors Association A 2-hour training with Dawna Jones, LCMHC, MLADC PRESENTATION: This training will present recovery support workers with an overview of the physiological and cognitive effects of trauma. We will explore ways to recognize trauma symptoms and cues, how to provide trauma informed care and ways to promote a trauma informed atmosphere within your work setting. As a result of the training, participants will be able to: Understand the long term effects of… Read more »

Mental Health and HIV Webinar Series

Part 4: Trauma ans Stressor-Related Disorders Sponsor: AETC AIDS Education & Training Center Program Description Trauma plays an outsized role in many more clinical interactions than we think. In order to provide effective HIV care, or any care for that matter, we must gain an understanding of trauma and begin to provide trauma-informed care to all of our patients. In this webinar, we’ll discuss the pervasiveness of trauma among people with HIV and the principles… Read more »

Mental Health & HIV Webinar Series

Sponsor: AETC AIDS Education & Training Center Program Part 2: Pharmacotherapy for Depression Description How do you choose an antidepressant? And what do you do if it doesn’t work? In this webinar, we’ll discuss an evidence-based approach you can use to decide which medication is best for your patient depending on context, symptoms, and comorbidities. You’ll learn more about the most commonly prescribed antidepressants, including their impact on the management of HIV. We’ll also look… Read more »

Mental Health & HIV Webinar Series

Sponsor: AETC AIDS Education & Training Center Program Part 1: Addressing Depression in People with HIV Description Join Dr. Cournos for the start of our series on providing mental health care to people with HIV in primary care settings. Learn about the importance of addressing depression in this population and how to do so effectively using evidence-based approaches to diagnosing and treating depressive illnesses. We’ll also discuss how to differentiate major depression from bipolar disorders… Read more »

New PrEP Guidelines Sponsor: AETC AIDS Education & Training Center Program In this webinar, Dr. Kevin Ard will provide updated guidance related to PrEP, informed by new PrEP guidelines and the FDA approval of injectable PrEP. This session will have 1.0 credit available through the AAFP. To register click here

More Than Health Care: SSPs in Public Health: Mobile Innovations to Reach Rural Communities

Sponsor: AETC AIDS Education & Training Center Program Description Join us for the 7th part in NEAETC’s series focusing on the intersection of treating substance use, HIV, and hepatitis C. In this webinar, speakers will review existing data and public health challenges in HIV/HCV prevention and SSP access in rural areas and review innovative models for bringing services to most at risk communities. They will explain the importance of community organizations with prevention and treatment… Read more »