Virtual: Opioid Addiction, the Impacts of Overdoses, and Treatment and Prevention Strategies

Sponsor: NH Alcohol and Drug Counselors Association PRESENTATION: The opioid crisis in the US has devastated individuals, families, and entire communities. While Covid-19 overshadowed the crisis, thousands of people have continued to die.  This training will focus on opioid addiction and the impacts of overdoses.  The participants will learn about effective treatment strategies and techniques and prevention methodologies.  As a result of the training, participants will be able to:  Describe the opioid crisis in the US and… Read more »

New Strategies to Help Unhoused Persons Webinar

Sponsor: Rural Communities Opioid Response Program This presentation offers new strategies to help unhoused persons. Dr. Richardson reviews current statistics, identifies root causes, offers a description of life without a home, highlights persons with lived experience, and discusses new strategies that work to help those struggling without a home. Learning objectives: Appreciate the status of unhoused persons in the US and its impact on rural communities. Identify root causes leading to persons being unhoused. Describe… Read more »

PCSS Clinical Roundtable – Navigating Insurance Hurdles with MOUD

Sponsor: Providers Clinical Support System Presenter: Joji Suzuki, MD This discussion is designed to promote interactivity through an informal “round table” conversation. Attendees will be given the opportunity to speak directly with the presenter to ask questions and discuss issues. The email you use to register for this roundtable will be used to enroll you in the evaluation on our learner management system. If you already have an account on the PCSS LMS ( but… Read more »

Building it Together: A Primer for Social Workers on Collaboration with the Peer Mental Healthcare Movement

Sponsor: NASW Maine In this hour-long, interactive presentation, Lance Hicks, LMSW will provide insight into, theory regarding, and a bit of the history of peer-led mental health support movements in the United States. He will then provide two case studies regarding two different peer-led mental health efforts, offering opportunity for participants to dialogue as a large group about areas of strength and growing edges. Lance will then guide a facilitated dialogue amongst group members about… Read more »

Virtual: Understanding Trauma Informed Care: A Deeper Dive

Sponsor: NH Alcohol & Drug Counselors Association A 2-hour training with Dawna Jones, LCMHC, MLADC PRESENTATION: This training will present recovery support workers with an overview of the physiological and cognitive effects of trauma. We will explore ways to recognize trauma symptoms and cues, how to provide trauma informed care and ways to promote a trauma informed atmosphere within your work setting. As a result of the training, participants will be able to: Understand the long term effects of… Read more »

Hybrid: CRSWs Supervising CRSWs

Sponsor: NH Alcohol and Drug Counselors Association Option of in-person or virtual PRESENTATION:  The goal of this workshop is to discuss the challenges and opportunities which naturally occur in any supervisory relationship and how to navigate through these when supervising peer support workers. Supervision will be explored as it applies to CRSWs and the performance domains within their scope of practice.: Ethical Responsibility, Advocacy, Mentoring & Education, Recovery & Wellness Support and how these can lend… Read more »

Virtual: Supporting NH’s Families in Addiction: Resources to Help Kinship Caregivers

Sponsor: Northern NH AHEC/ North Country Health Consortium in collaboration with NH Alcohol & Drug Abuse Counselors Association A 2-hour training with Lindy Keller, MS, LADC and Guest Panelists PRESENTATION:  This presentation will provide an introduction on the effects of parental substance use disorder on all family members with particular focus on the children. Emphasis will be on ways to promote increased resiliency and hope for recovery in family members. This sets the stage for a… Read more »

Strategies and Lessons Learned from Data Utilization to Improve Patient Care

Sponsor: AETC AIDS Education & Training Center Program Description Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program (BHCHP) has a large patient population of PWH, PWID, and people with substance use disorders. BHCHP uses Azara/DRVS to enhance HCV & HIV screening and collect important data used to continually improve patient care. This webinar will highlight how Azara/DRVS can be used for UDS quality metrics, quality improvement projects, and provide strategies to use the data to improve… Read more »

New PrEP Guidelines Sponsor: AETC AIDS Education & Training Center Program In this webinar, Dr. Kevin Ard will provide updated guidance related to PrEP, informed by new PrEP guidelines and the FDA approval of injectable PrEP. This session will have 1.0 credit available through the AAFP. To register click here

More Than Health Care: SSPs in Public Health: Mobile Innovations to Reach Rural Communities

Sponsor: AETC AIDS Education & Training Center Program Description Join us for the 7th part in NEAETC’s series focusing on the intersection of treating substance use, HIV, and hepatitis C. In this webinar, speakers will review existing data and public health challenges in HIV/HCV prevention and SSP access in rural areas and review innovative models for bringing services to most at risk communities. They will explain the importance of community organizations with prevention and treatment… Read more »