Understanding the Intersection of the NH Foster Care System and Substance Use Disorder

This training will provide participants with an understanding of the science behind Substance Use Disorder (SUD).  Understanding the mechanics of the brain and how SUD happens can provide us with a better avenue for dealing with people who have this disease.  This training will also provide participants with information about particular classes of drugs and how they each affect the brain.  In addition, the training will examine family dynamics and how family members are affected.  Community resources and opportunities for treatment will be explored.

Substance Use Disorder has an immense impact on the Foster Care system.  There is a high percentage of children that are removed from homes due to SUD in the home, which often results in neglect.  Understanding SUD may help us to deal with the children in these situations more effectively and may also lead us to helping the entire family in ways that leads to recovery and reunification.


  1. Participants will understand the science of addiction and how the brain function is different in someone afflicted with the disease of addiction. 
  2. Participants will understand the classes of drugs and how they affect people.
  3. Participants will better understand the resources that are available in our state.

3 Contact Hours Available
Certified Prevention Specialist Domain: 6
LADC/MLADC Categories of Competence:  5, 14-17
CRSW Performance Domains:  1-4
NBCC: LICSW/L-MFT/LCMHC (Category A) & Psychologist Category A

This training is presented by the NH Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors Association. To register, click here.

Event Details

June 25, 2020
8:45 am - 12:00 pm
Registration Fee – $25.00
Registration Fee with NASW/NBCC – $30.00